How To Pick A Suitable Pair of Bangles?


Have you ever been puzzled when describing the type of bangle, you want to the salesperson?

Well there’s a wide range of bangles. Bangles, as we know, are one of the oldest known forms of accessorizing, be it a wedding, a get-together or any festive occasion. The cultural heritage of India can be uniquely defined by bangles. Different forms of bangles can be found across India. For instance, Kolkata is famous for handmade bangles, similarly South India is famous for antique kadhas. The variety of bangles available today make one want more.

Handmade bangles – When you talk about designer gold bangles, there’s only one thing that comes to mind i.e. handmade bangles. A pair of designer bangles can be created only with the help of trained craftsmen. The skills of making handmade bangles has been deep embedded in the soil of India

Antique Kadhas – Kolhapur is known for its antiques and long-lost designs. No jewellery charms like the antique earrings, necklaces and bangles. When we say antiques, we refer to pure gold without any mixes. Usually antique accessories tend to change colour as the properties change. During ancient times antique jewellery used to be combined with diamonds, ruby, platinum, silver etc. You can find some of the most beautifully crafted designs in bangles.

Rhodium Bangles – The best way to make your gold bangle design more trendy is by adding touch of rhodium. The rhodium look helps to modify the look and is a good alternative to diamonds in case there’s a budget limit.

Machine Jewellery – Nowadays with the improvement in technology and increasing demand for gold, machine production has increased. Lately a wide range of machine work is found in bangle jewellery. Machine jewellery is less steady as compared to the handmade ones, the main reason being the weight of machine jewellery is much less than handmade jewellery. Also, the finishing of machine bangles is better and is cost effective.

Meena Work – Has one ever been able to deny their love for meenakari? When given an option to buy jewellery its always been hard to resist a piece of meena work ornament. The commonly found meena work jewellery consists of necklace, earrings, rings and bangles. When meena work is topped with Kandan work, the look changes altogether. The only problem with meena work jewellery is that there’s a possibility of it turning dark if good quality material is not used. Apart from this the price of meena work is higher because more dedicated craftsmen are required to produce this jewellery.

Diamond Jewellery – Diamond added on any piece of jewellery is like the cherry on cake. The love for diamond can be seen in every lady’s eye. Many designs of diamond bangles are available these days. One of the most trending one is a diamond tennis bracelet. Diamond jewellery is costlier when compared to plain gold jewellery. The cost of diamond entirely jewellery depends upon the quality of diamond used. There are many categories of diamonds available. Diamonds are categories based on their cut, size, carat, colour and clarity. When buying diamond jewellery make sure you check these factors.

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